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2330 Arthur Ave, Bronx NY

(718) 933-3268

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The Gist : absolute, horrible

  • Plomberie ★ Poor 1 out of 5

    2013-01-27 12:18:36

    My boyfriend and I went here last night for dinner and the place is an absolute dump. Lets begin with the horrible smell of smoke coming from the cigar shop next door. That's besides the point. The waiter/owner was extremely rude from the beginning. After being seated he pretty much never returned to the table. After making eye contact with him on several occasions and calling him LITERALLY would look away from us and proceeded to tell us that someone else would be taking care of us (although he was the one who initially seated us and took our order). Although we had the convenience of bringing in our own wine bottle we received the dirtiest wine glasses. We could actually see the lipstick stains of someone else on the rim of the glass. After asking him to wash them, he simply ran them under cold water and brought them back to us. The cherry on top of the cake...when we asked for a to go container they gave us what appeared to be reused containers with grease stains and water residue covering it!! When we sent the girl back to give us a new one she simply dried them off and returned the same containers to us, FAIL!! Overall, this place was disgusting with horrible customer service. We will never return here!!

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